Shelving Certification

Certification process

Lack of flow chart is not a problem, as it is possible to get flow data through the certification process. Imetal has structured a special engineering office that, through a specific item, creates the document file of any shelf, using the collaboration of highly specialized partners and special software.


The documentation thus obtained allows, in addition to being compliant with safety standards, to comply with the ISO Standards laid down. Certification can cover both static and seismic aspects.

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What are the stages of certification?

In order to prepare a calculation report, it is necessary to determine the type of steel resulting for the construction of the shelves, therefore, in practice, some material samples are subjected to specific tests carried out at accredited analysis laboratories when the relative certificates are issued.

With the certification results, a static (UNI 15512: 2009) or seismic (UNI 16681: 2016) calculation report is processed.
  • Material certificates
  • Technical description of the elements making up the shelf
  • Complete file of structural calculations
  • Technical features
  • Securing shelves
  • All the data needed to compile the new flow tables.
Relying on iMetal means choosing a complete and professional solution dedicated to metal shelving assembly
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