Shelf Assembly

Shelving fitting service is an activity that requires professional help if the safety and performance of a warehouse is desired.

Assembly tolerances must comply with European standard EN 15620.

iMetal is with the customer from the design phase to the final installation, always ensuring correct assembly of its shelving systems.

Why is it important to choose professionals for your shelving work?

The way a rack is assembled influences its durability and safety, i.e. its reliability in terms of load capacity.

That's why it's so important to rely on professionals when you're assembling metal shelving and racking systems, from industrial to pallet racking.

What are the stages of a shelving assembly?
The feet must always touch the ground: either through the floor or by resting on a support prepared for this purpose.
Shelves must be secured to the floor to ensure safety in storage and to prevent the uprights from shifting during storage.
At least two spacers must be provided when poles are coupled back-to-back in the case of two-entry racks.
The maximum distances between sleepers must be respected: manufacturers communicate these measurements for the assembly phase.
Crossbars must be locked in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.
Fixing load and safety tables.
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