Shelf assembly

Shelving fitting service is an activity that requires professional help if the safety and performance of a warehouse is desired.

Assembly tolerances must comply with European standard EN 15620.

iMetal is with the customer from the design phase to the final installation, always ensuring correct assembly of its shelving systems.

Why is it important to choose professionals for your shelving work?

The way a rack is assembled influences its durability and safety, i.e. its reliability in terms of load capacity.

That’s why it’s so important to rely on professionals when you’re assembling metal shelving and racking systems, from industrial to pallet racking.

Shelving Certification 

Certification process

Lack of flow chart is not a problem, as it is possible to get flow data through the certification process. Imetal has structured a special engineering office that, through a specific item, creates the document file of any shelf, using the collaboration of highly specialized partners and special software.


The documentation thus obtained allows, in addition to being compliant with safety standards, to comply with the ISO Standards laid down. Certification can cover both static and seismic aspects.

Shelf inspection

The safety of your warehouse and your staff always comes first for us. Our shelving inspection, repair and metal shelving replacement services ensure product efficiency and reduce additional costs to your business.

Why is it important to carry out a regular inspection of industrial metal shelving?

Regular inspection of industrial metal shelving is important to ensure the safety and peace of mind of those working and operating within the storage space.

In some cases, underestimating or ignoring the health of the facility and its racks can lead to safety risks for operators or damage to materials and goods.

It is essential to ensure that the structures in question are functional for managing the goods in the warehouse and that any damage to shelving is promptly checked and investigated.

In this way, iMetal always ensures the best level of preparation for certifying your shelves and guaranteeing maximum safety in your warehouse.

Shelf maintenance

The maintenance service includes all activities aimed at maintaining the efficiency of the storage system, primarily the replacement of badly damaged parts.

For companies requiring a “turnkey” service, we can provide estimates for: restoration work, supply of spare parts and accessories, dismantling/reassembly/remodelling of existing warehouses.

Industrial and Civil Ladders

Industrial and civil staircases are indispensable elements in the construction of any modern building: from commercial warehouses to industrial premises.

When choosing the right ladder for you, there are many things to consider, but nothing is more important than choosing the right material.

In recent years, steel has become the material of choice for industrial ladders.

Whether for indoor or outdoor industrial ladders, it offers the necessary safety thanks to its strength and resistance; qualities that few materials can boast.

Industrial and civil ladder systems are a wise choice with reliability and durability in mind.

Steel’s resistance to drastic environmental changes is an outstanding option for civil, industrial and commercial buildings.

Its versatility makes it perfect for both design and functionality.

Metal Structures

Surely these metal structures are valuable works, built and designed to last over time, stable and safe.

They add a remarkable architectural and aesthetic value that enhances and rewards the context in which they are inserted.

The vast majority of steel structures for civil/industrial construction are made of steel, welded or bolted together, and used for many purposes such as new construction, extensions, renovations, elevations, earthquake strengthening.

The steel used in the construction of these metal structures and joinery works is of the “S” (Structural) type, characterised by its increased ease of use, ductility and strength.

This detail is evident in the case of earthquakes, fires, wear and tear and weathering.

Mezzanine Metal Platforms

Mezzanine metal platforms are the cheapest solution to increase the surface area of a warehouse.

These metal platforms make full use of a room’s space, doubling or tripling its surface area and using it as storage space, cloakrooms, offices, etc.

Features Mezzanine Platforms

It is fixed to the floor, using the appropriate plate, with mechanical or chemical anchors.

The beams are connected to the poles via an interlocking connection bracket.

Vertical and horizontal transverse X systems stabilize the structure making it seismic resistant for any installation area.

These metal mezzanine platforms are completed with lattice staircases or wooden steps, and the handrails are in a screw-on version with handrails and knee guards.

Pallet Rack

Pallet racking units are metal racks that are the most universal system for direct and unitary access to each pallet.

It is therefore the ideal solution for warehouses where palletised products with a wide variety of reference items need to be stored.

The distribution and height of these pallet racks depend on the characteristics of the forklift or lifting equipment and the size of the warehouse.

Pallet racking systems can be integrated with traditional or automated handling systems, making them a very flexible solution.

Shuttle Racks

The shuttle racking systems offered by iMetal, which can be configured in LIFO or FIFO, are equipped with special guides that act as both pallet support and satellite track.

Trolley and shuttle work together step by step.

The principle is as simple as it is effective.

Picking Racks

Designed for warehouses where stocks of goods are picked and stored manually, these picking racks are the most popular “man-to-product” metal racking solution because their special design facilitates direct access to products and goods in high volume.

These picking racks also allow the full height of the warehouse to be exploited, thanks to accessibility via handling equipment (forklifts) capable of bringing the operator to the desired height at which the desired goods are stored, or via access walkways located between the racks.

This picking racking system is particularly suitable for the optimal management of numerous items with FIFO logic, where the first box in is the first box out, and, thanks to its wide range of accessories, is able to sort all types of products.

They are also the ideal and optimal solution for managing heterogeneous and medium turnover references and allow the storage of heavy or bulky items.

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Client iMetal - Bos
Client iMetal - Dentex
Client iMetal - Everel
Client iMetal - Gebruder Weiss
Client iMetal - Huf
Client iMetal - Nordelettronica

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