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What Are Shelving Systems Archive

Archive shelving units are metal shelving units designed for medium and light loads and are the most efficient basic manual storage and filing system.

They consist of vertical frames and horizontal shelves that allow goods to be stored in divided or small boxes.

Various accessories allow subdividing levels and installing drawers to classify separate products as well as archives, files, hanging items, etc.

Loads per pole: 80kg - 400kg.

Advantages Shelving Archive
Ideal for offices, libraries and schools.
Perfect space saving.
Provides a high degree of protection.
Very attractive and interesting design.
Resistant and adaptable to any environment.
Types Of Shelving Archive
Fixed Archive Shelves

The modularity of the structure and the versatility of the accessories make these archive shelves unbeatable in terms of quality-price ratio and the multitude of possible uses.

This fixed archive shelving system is in fact the ideal solution for archiving or furnishing offices and private spaces.

Hot-dip galvanizing makes these archival shelves a durable product. Being moisture resistant they are suitable for any environment.

Thanks to their technical features, these fixed archive shelves offer the possibility of displaying all types of binders, specialised boxes, registers, and can be adapted according to their weight and volume.

The accessories are multiple:

  • Drawers
  • Hinged doors
  • Sliding doors
  • Wheels
Mobile Archive Shelves

This system of mobile archive shelving is the winning solution for optimizing the storage space dedicated to load units such as books, files, boxes, registers, etc.

The system offered by iMetal consists of archive shelves mounted on special mobile bases that run on rails embedded in the floor.

Shelf sliding can be structured in manual, manual-mechanical or automatic mode.

The manual system is perfect when you need a small storage space in which to store goods, as the operator, using special handwheels, moves individual aisles.

The mechanical system, being moved by chains and flywheels that facilitate the handling of the structure. It is the ideal solution for storing heavier and bulkier items.

Automated handling involves the use of motors controlled by a remote control, with which the operator manages the opening and closing commands of the aisles, and allows the storage of heavy goods.

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