Cantilever racks

What Are Cantilever Racking Systems

Cantilever racking systems are ideal metal shelving for storing long items and storing different goods simultaneously.

This type of cantilever racking is particularly suitable for storing long items such as pipes, tables, profiles, plates, even in picking contexts.

The configuration of a cantilever racking system can be either single-sided or double-sided: they can be positioned on a mobile base to further optimise the flat surface.

The structure of these cantilever racks consists mainly of columns to which protruding arms are attached, above which the load is deposited.

Advantages Cantilever racks
Ideal For
Storage of metal profiles, pipes, wooden panels, sheet metal, etc.
Simple and easy.
Fastened with high-strength screws with performance equal to welding.
Arms of different depths to load different items without difficulty.
Cantilever Shelving Features

Depending on the height and weight of the goods, you can choose between light or heavy cantilever racks.

Both offer the possibility of placing levels on one or both sides of the structure.

Handling the load can be done manually when the weight is small, or with trolleys and appropriate lifting equipment when heavy objects are involved.

This range of cantilever racking is ideal because it is modular, practical and safe, a solution capable of optimally solving the storage problems of loads such as pipes, rolled sections and profiles made of different materials.

iMetal offers two main solutions for cantilever racks.

Heavy storage units
  • - Handling with side forks
  • - With a front/back
Lightweight storage units:
  • - Manual handling
  • - Loading up to 2.2 t / rack
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