Drive in racks

What Are Drive In Shelving Systems

Drive-in racking units are the best metal racking systems when there are a large number of pallets to store and when most of the products are of the same kind.

Drive-in racking warehouses, using a LIFO loading order, enable fast and reliable motorised handling of pallets of homogeneous goods.

It is particularly suitable and convenient for use in cold rooms or temperature-controlled rooms.

There are two load management systems:

Drive In
One access to the load.
Drive Through
Double load access.

The drive through system is especially widely used in refrigeration, chilling and freezing rooms.

Advantages Drive In Shelving
Between the shelves
Removal of corridors
Space utilisation up to 85%
The takeover
Control between inputs and outputs
According to the large quantities
Drive In Shelving Features

The drive in racking system is a complete system equipped with accessories such as guide rails on the tunnel ends to facilitate entry and foot protection or aisle guides to avoid dangerous collisions of forklifts against posts.

Drive-in shelving systems have the following key features:

  • Intensive storage that allows maximum use of available space, both in terms of surface area and height.
  • The drive-in racking system is particularly suitable for storing homogeneous products with low turnover and large quantities of pallets per stock.
  • These drive-in racks are entirely galvanised or painted with screwed connections.
  • The particular geometry of the guide, with a sloping side wall, allows for improved centring of the pallet during loading, while the galvanised surface facilitates sliding.

iMetal offers modern and functional drive-in shelving for intensive storage, shelving systems built and designed to guarantee maximum load volume in the smallest possible space.

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