Gravity Shelving

What Are Gravity Shelving Systems

Gravity shelving systems, as the name implies, are metal shelving systems that use gravity to move goods.

These gravity racks essentially consist of a pallet rack structure with the beams positioned in a certain way to create a slope.

On this inclined plane roller tracks are fixed to allow the pallets to slide.

Travel speed is controlled thanks to the integration of special brake rollers that allow for smooth travel regardless of pallet weight and movement.

Gravity racking systems can also be implemented for the storage of "light" materials (boxes and containers).

Gravity Shelving Specifications
Slightly inclined roller tracks to facilitate the entry and exit of goods
This system ensures perfect product rotation.
Increase the speed of your order preparation.
The goods are stored on one side and slide out at a controlled speed.
Gravity Shelving Features

Mechanical devices slow pallet slippage while an exit device separates loading units, facilitating lifting operations.

This gravity shelving system can be used with both FIFO and LIFO logic.

The system allows for high storage capacity combined with reduced order picking time and is a more efficient and selective alternative to drive-in shelving.

The goods are always at hand
FIFO or LIFO logistics
Large storage capacity

This gravity shelving system is ideal for areas of the warehouse where there is a high volume of picking due to the large number of orders that need to be prepared, and avoids the need for order pickers to travel to assemble the goods.

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