Shuttle racks

What are Shuttle Shelving Systems

The shuttle racking systems offered by iMetal, which can be configured in LIFO or FIFO, are equipped with special guides that act as both pallet support and satellite track.

Trolley and shuttle work together step by step.

The principle is as simple as it is effective.

Advantages Shuttle racks
Efficient use of available space
Diversification of warehouse space
High volume handling
Precise transport of loads
Product-man system, optimised efficiency
Features Shuttle shelves

The trolley deposits the load at the entrance to the canal.

The load is picked up by the shuttle and automatically brought to the end of the channel or to the first available storage position.

The pallets are carefully placed on the storage rails and the shuttle returns to the channel entrance to pick up the next pallet.

With this shuttle racking system, goods are moved thanks to the use of satellite which guarantees high productivity and safety.

These shuttle racks are the storage-intensive/bulk storage solution that provides floor plan optimization combined with high productivity and reduced internal routing.

The system, normally served by forklifts, can also be implemented with automated handling systems.

Shuttle racking units offer, both in height and depth, sufficient space for numerous pallet channels.

In addition, a shuttle rack warehouse is a scalable investment: you can start the facility with a small number of satellites and then scale it up if necessary to increase productivity.

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