Pallet racks

What are Pallet Rack Systems

Pallet racking units are metal racks that are the most universal system for direct and unitary access to each pallet.

It is therefore the ideal solution for warehouses where palletised products with a wide variety of reference items need to be stored.

The distribution and height of these pallet racks depend on the characteristics of the forklift or lifting equipment and the size of the warehouse.

Pallet racking systems can be integrated with traditional or automated handling systems, making them a very flexible solution.

Specifications Pallet racks
Loading on sleepers
900 - 5400 kg
Length of sleepers
1300 - 3600 mm
Pallet rack height
2100 - 9900 mm
Shelf depth
600 - 1200 mm
Loading on poles
9 - 29 tone
Types Of Shelving Pallets
Fixed Pallet Racks

By setting up a warehouse with pallet racking, it is possible to maintain a high level of selectivity.

This solution, in fact, is typical for situations with a large number of references where access to a single location is required.

Pallet stoppers, poles, safety nets, plastic or steel guards are just some of the accessories available to modulate the system according to your needs, including integrated picking racks.

Mobile Pallet Racks

Mobile pallet racking systems, mounted on bases that run on rails fixed to the floor, are the ideal solution for making the most of available space while maintaining high standards of selectivity.

Management of the aisles, dimensioned according to the specifications of the handling and storage systems, can be done automatically or manually.

Used especially in temperature-controlled environments, these mobile pallet racks keep stock traceable.

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