Picking Racks

What Are Shelf Picking Systems

Designed for warehouses where stocks of goods are picked and stored manually, these picking racks are the most popular "man-to-product" metal racking solution because their special design facilitates direct access to products and goods in high volume.

These picking racks also allow the full height of the warehouse to be exploited, thanks to accessibility via handling equipment (forklifts) capable of bringing the operator to the desired height at which the desired goods are stored, or via access walkways located between the racks.

This picking racking system is particularly suitable for the optimal management of numerous items with FIFO logic, where the first box in is the first box out, and, thanks to its wide range of accessories, is able to sort all types of products.

They are also the ideal and optimal solution for managing heterogeneous and medium turnover references and allow the storage of heavy or bulky items.

Advantages of Picking Shelves
Large storage capacity
Dedicated to heterogeneous articles
Wide variety of accessories
Using the full height of the warehouse
Possibility of adjustment according to cargo
Features Picking Racks

Reaching a height of several meters, the picking racking systems offered by iMetal are characterized by strong flexibility.

The height, capacity and configuration of the structure are sized according to the customer's individual needs and material handling solution.

Picking racking systems are the best solution for manual picking and storage of load units such as cartons, crates, hanging garments and loose material, making maximum use of warehouse height.

It is possible to set up a warehouse with mixed pallet and retrieval racking, where the lower part of the racking is used for pallet storage while the upper part is used for retrieval.

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