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Metal Structures - What they are

Surely these metal structures are valuable works, built and designed to last over time, stable and safe.

They add a remarkable architectural and aesthetic value that enhances and rewards the context in which they are inserted.

The vast majority of steel structures for civil/industrial construction are made of steel, welded or bolted together, and used for many purposes such as new construction, extensions, renovations, elevations, earthquake strengthening.

The steel used in the construction of these metal structures and joinery works is of the "S" (Structural) type, characterised by its increased ease of use, ductility and strength.

This detail is evident in the case of earthquakes, fires, wear and tear and weathering.

Advantages of Metal Structures
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Features Metal Structures

To increase fire, wear and weather resistance, steel is subjected to specific surface treatments: thermal, chemical, paint and intumescent coating.

A particularly ductile type of structural steel is used for earthquake-resistant buildings and structures.

This type of steel is able to deform and dissipate elastic energy propagating in the ground as surface waves without breaking.

That is, without structural failure and collapse.

A particularly ductile type of structural steel is used to create earthquake-resistant steel buildings and structures.

This type of steel is capable of deforming and dissipating elastic energy that propagates to the ground in the form of waves without breaking.

For your construction projects, iMetal offers direct on-site design and installation of all types of steel structures.

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