Metal shelves

Pallet racks
Pallet racking units are metal racks that are the most universal system for direct and unitary access to each pallet. It is therefore the ideal solution for warehouses where palletised products with a wide variety of reference items need to be stored. The distribution and height of these pallet racks depend on the characteristics of the forklift or lifting equipment...
Pallet racks with shuttle system
The shuttle racking systems offered by iMetal, which can be configured in LIFO or FIFO, are equipped with special guides that act as both pallet support and satellite track. Trolley and shuttle work together step by step. The principle is as simple as it is effective. Efficient use of available space Diversification of warehouse space High volume handling Precise transport...
Picking Racks
Designed for warehouses where stocks of goods are picked and stored manually, these picking racks are the most popular "man-to-product" metal racking solution because their special design facilitates direct access to products and goods in high volume. These picking racks also allow the full height of the warehouse to be exploited, thanks to accessibility via handling equipment (forklifts) capable of...
Drive in racks
Drive-in racking units are the best metal racking systems when there are a large number of pallets to store and when most of the products are of the same kind. Drive-in racking warehouses, using a LIFO loading order, enable fast and reliable motorised handling of pallets of homogeneous goods. It is particularly suitable and convenient for use in cold rooms...
Shelves Archive
Archive shelving units are metal shelving units designed for medium and light loads and are the most efficient basic manual storage and filing system. They consist of vertical frames and horizontal shelves that allow goods to be stored in divided or small boxes. Various accessories allow subdividing levels and installing drawers to classify separate products as well as archives, files,...
Cantilever racks
Cantilever racking systems are ideal metal shelving for storing long items and storing different goods simultaneously. This type of cantilever racking is particularly suitable for storing long items such as pipes, tables, profiles, plates, even in picking contexts. The configuration of a cantilever racking system can be either single-sided or double-sided: they can be positioned on a mobile base to...
Gravity Shelving
Gravity shelving systems, as the name implies, are metal shelving systems that use gravity to move goods. These gravity racks essentially consist of a pallet rack structure with the beams positioned in a certain way to create a slope. On this inclined plane roller tracks are fixed to allow the pallets to slide. Travel speed is controlled thanks to the...
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